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Dozens of gotchas, myths, mis-conceptions, rule-breakers, FAQs, and more. For the DIY'er, use our free content for most everything you will need to get setup and stay operational, or choose our subscriber plan for one-on-one assistance, or engage a local service provider.

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Information and research service

Have a question, need an answer? Email or IM and we'll get right back to you. Often within hours, sometimes minutes, but always asap. We will use clear, concise and understandable text, pictures, check lists, images, diagrams, video, and more. Finally, the light goes on. Now, I get it !!! Live chat? We are often on-line for immediate assistance. Web cam? Works for us.

No nonsense, no insults

No non-sense, no fluff, no illusion of abundance. We won't call you a Newbie, or an Oldie. No ranting, no raving, no lecturing, no preaching. Reef keeping can be a very rewarding and educational experience. Ready to abandon the hobby out of frustration? Having trouble even getting started? We don't blame you. But, try us before you quit.

Only one way

There are NOT many ways to setup and maintain a reef tank. There is only ONE way and that's the right way. A few variations, but still only one right way.

One-on-One Assistance

100's of books and DVDs currently on the market are often useless and by definition outdated. Is it helpful to read about 1980's technology in a 5000 gallon Waikiki aquarium? Many of these books and DVDs have a cost for every update that's more than the lifetime membership at ReefTank123. Lifetime membership, one time, $49, always up-to-date.

How valuable is your time?

Email or IM, and we will tell you what to buy, places to buy, what to do, and how to do it. Organized in an easy-to-use, timesaving way, and continually updated unlike a book or DVD. No frustrating searches through endless message boards and messages trying to mine that one little nugget of information.

The gotchas

It seems our BrainTrust has seen and heard them all ...

Myths and mis-conceptions, tricks and techniques, how would I know that! What does this mean to you -- Schedule 80, Schedule 40, slip, MPT, threaded, FPT, vinyl, PVC, bulkhead, tank adapter, Sears, stand pipe, ... mean to you? We're talking about one single drain hole in the entire system.

This changes everything!

The results of a year long study of our KIS Reef Keeping ("keep it simple!") will be posted in our blog.  Many beginner to intermediate reef keepers should be quite happy with the results. In any event, reef keeping is possily the discipline with the most myths, mis-conceptions, and pseudo-science.  It doesn't have to be that way!

You simply don't need an expensive, time-consuming, Rube Goldberg contraption with many points of potential failure and trouble.


Just some of the topics covered ...
Additives and Supplements
Aquarium Manufacturers
Aiptasia Control
Berghia Info
Caulerpa seaweed
Coralline Algae, removal
Coral Sellers & Farmers
Easy, beginner fish list
Easy, beginner corals list
Ethical Issues
Fish Quarantine - the long way
Feeding and Foods
Fish List
Gadgets, Tools and Widgets
Glass vs. Acrylic Tank
Invertebrates (inverts)
KIS System (keep it simple)
Lighting (including LEDs)
Live Rock
Livestock Exporters
Local Service Provider Directory
Local Fish Store Directory
Pests and Parasites
Plumbing and Pumps
Protein Skimmer
RO/DI System
Sand and Substrates
Stands, Cabinets and Canopies
RO/DI System
Sand and Substrates
Stands, Cabinets and Canopies
System Diagram
Supplements and Additives
Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Tools, Gadgets and Widgets
Useful Numbers, Calculations
Useful Tools, Gadgets and Widgets
UV Sterilization
Water Changes
Water Chemistry
Water Flow and Movement
Water Temperature
Water Treatment and Filtration
Where You Can Buy

Marine Aquarium Council

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