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How to purchase a Copperband Butterflyfish

Maybe the best advice is to not acquire a Copperband to begin with.  But if you must …

We purchased from a Local Fish Store (LFS), close to 4″ in size. We would not take a Copperband smaller than 3″ and we would not order this fish online. All looked healthy, but one was swimming about picking at rocks.  The other two were just a bit listless suspended in the water column.  All had clear eyes, fins extended, fins not ragged, plump body, looked healthy.

Retail Price: $44
Retailer: Ship Wreck Cove (LFS)
Wholesaler: Quality Marine.
From: Philippines.

The LFS says they are eating their frozen mash of mysis, shrimp, etc.  We did not ask the LFS to feed the fish in our presence.  Will this Copper Band eat for us though?  What will this fish eat?  Will it eat aiptasia?

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