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UV Sterilization

Goal of a UV sterilizer

Combat bacteria, algae, and parasites in you aquarium. It can help to prevent future water borne pathogen re occurrences, once the initial problem as been completely eradicated from the aquarium.

Most effective when

  • run 24/7
  • the water is clear
  • the bulb is new (bulb should be replaced at least every 6 to 8 months)
  • the bulb is clean (a salt encrusted bulb can hinder performance)
  • the water’s exposure to the light is more than one second (UV sterilization is less effective with fast moving water)

Important things to consider

  • UV sterilizers destroy both beneficial and harmful bacteria. 
  • It will only destroy free-floating organisms in the water. That means, it will NOT cure an ich or bacterial disease a fish already has.  
  • It should NEVER be run when treating with drugs or medication.
  • Do NOT look directly at the bulb as UV light is damaging to the human eye.
  • Always unplug the sterilizer when working in the tank to avoid electrocution.
  • Do not run the sterilizer during feeding time as it could destroy beneficial microbes in the fish food.
  • UV can alter the structure of dissolved chemical compounds.

Our KIS system does not have a UV sterilizer and does absolutely fine. Establishing good water quality through running a protein skimmer and doing frequent water changes can solve many of the problems without the need of a UV sterilizer.

Properly sized, plumbed with the right flow rate for a reef tank, and maintained, a UV sterilizer can’t hurt and likely could only help.