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Gadgets and Tools

What tools and gadgets do I need for my aquarium?

– Backup power supply
– Refractometer
– Suction hand cups
– PAR meter
– TDS meter


A refractometer is a basic tool used to measure salinity. Electronic versions such as Hanna Instruments also measures salinity and displays the reading on a digital screen.

Suction hand cups

Hand cups use vacuum to lift and carry loads. A manual pump removes air from between the rubber pad and the contact surface. A red line on the pump’s plunger serves as a vacuum indicator. A check valve allows the user to repump the cup without removing it from the contact surface. A release mechanism allows the cup to disengage completely.

PAR meter

This helps to measure the output of your aquarium lights. Many manufacturers already test the lights and make PAR charts available online, making owning a PAR meter unnecessary.

TDS meter

The TDS meter measures the total amount of mobile charged ions in the water. These ions include salt, minerals, or metals that are dissolved in the water. A TDS meter is used to test your RO/DI water. The TDS reading for the DI should be 0 and the RO should be 10 ppm or bellow.