Stands, Cabinets, and Canopies

Pine vs. Oak


  • pine is a softwood
  • good shock resistance
  • moderate weight
  • high stiffness
  • takes stains and paint well
  • knot free cuts which allow for a smooth and consistent color*
  • less expensive than oak
  • used for rustic and traditional styles

*When staining soft wood lumber, consider what professional painters and woodworkers do and use a clear conditioner to partially block many of the wood pores. These conditioners are easy to apply and dry rapidly. Often you can brush them on the piece of wood and stain it within 15 minutes. The liquid conditioners contain clear resins and solids that clog the pores of the softwoods. By doing this, many of the stain pigment particles that create the actual color are not allowed to soak deeply into the wood. The conditioners also help to enhance the grain of the wood.


  • oak is a hardwood
  • heavy
  • hard-wearing
  • strong
  • out-standing wear resistance
  • more expensive than pine
  • used for a wide variety of styles, from contemporary furniture to traditional designs