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Algae control, scrape it

In general, we don’t “fight” algae. In part because our tanks get a lot of natural light and a few hours of direct sunlight. So we scrape it off the glass into the water column and let a filter sock and skimmer grab it and remove it from there.

We want clean, clear windows in the room which includes all the viewable glass sides of the display tank. A bright, crystal clear glass box with the color and movement of a cubic meter of a tropical reef sitting in the living room is a design goal.

So-called nuisance algae is also a natural filter eating up nutrients that could foul the water. The idea is to remove the algae from time-to-time and thereby remove the nutrients BEFORE the algae can die off and leech nutrients back into the water.

We get some sticky green algae that won’t easily come off with a pad and we want to avoid scratching relatively soft Starphire glass. So we decided to try a tool that employs a soft, sharp, wide razor blade. This tool uses a blade that is 2.5″ wide vs the typical 1.5″ for faster cleaning. Hopefully won’t rust in saltwater.

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