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What to Feed a Copperband Butterflyfish – Part 1

The LFS said our fish in their tank was eating their own store frozen mash of Mysis, Shrimp, etc. so we bought some frozen Mysis and Blood Worm packs to go home with him. No luck though. He is NOT eating for us.

After about a half hour of drip acclimation, the Copperband was dropped into the display tank and swam directly (within a second or two) to the Cleaner Shrimp back and down under a rock overhang. How did the fish know? We think a Cleaner Shrimp plays a number of important roles and one of them is transitioning new fish, in addition to entertaining the reef keepers.

This fish is “fat” and healthy, but we won’t want to go more than a few days without the fish eating.

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